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I felt so blessed that I was able to visit Tagaytay last summer for a seminar. The place is wonderful, food was great and music was so heavenly. It was like a vacation for all of us because we were able to rest from all the work and enjoy the presence of God.  It was a seminar for intercessors, pastors and musicians (worship leaders). Jill Shannon, Robert Misst are the speakers and the sessions are really powerful. 24/7 IHOP system are introduced by Jill and I was crying like a baby, I was only dreaming that 24/7 houses of prayer will be established in our city last year, I never thought that it will come to pass this year. The Lord’s faithfulness and goodness never ceases to amaze me.


Sunrise – We need to wake up at 5am for our morning prayer and it was so cold.

The view from the window

The whole place

Picnic grove

Excited to visit picnic grove and get a glimpse of  Taal Volcano for the first time.

Such a blissful experience indeed!

Much Love,

Cheryll 🙂

The sorrows of Clementine’s Father

I used to hear Huckleberry Hound sing this song with his southern drawl and just loving it without actually knowing who Clementine was. I was able to listened to this song again with a different rendition and was stunned by the realization of its content. It’s a nursery rhyme so I was assuming that its lyrics would be shallow, fit for a kid. However after listening and learning the song I realized that it conveys a very sad story.

Clementine’s lover boar the ordeal of watching her drowned and can’t do anything because he can’t swim. It was as if he was crying while watching her trying to escape death but doing nothing because he don’t want to die either. That’s ridiculous and selfish in my opinion. He missed her hugs and kisses, so he comfort himself with Clementine’s little sister. I don’t like that part at all. Call me anything but I cried after hearing about her father’s sorrow. Her father was a miner and after learning about her daughter’s death, he fell into a deep sorrow that leads him to kill himself and join his daughter’s grave.

Anyway here’s a stunning rendition of the song by Sweptaway.

Cheryll ❤