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I felt so blessed that I was able to visit Tagaytay last summer for a seminar. The place is wonderful, food was great and music was so heavenly. It was like a vacation for all of us because we were able to rest from all the work and enjoy the presence of God.  It was a seminar for intercessors, pastors and musicians (worship leaders). Jill Shannon, Robert Misst are the speakers and the sessions are really powerful. 24/7 IHOP system are introduced by Jill and I was crying like a baby, I was only dreaming that 24/7 houses of prayer will be established in our city last year, I never thought that it will come to pass this year. The Lord’s faithfulness and goodness never ceases to amaze me.


Sunrise – We need to wake up at 5am for our morning prayer and it was so cold.

The view from the window

The whole place

Picnic grove

Excited to visit picnic grove and get a glimpse of  Taal Volcano for the first time.

Such a blissful experience indeed!

Much Love,

Cheryll 🙂

Flight to Manila

It has been a super busy summer for me this year and there’s a sense of urgency in everything. We’re trying to put up 24/7 houses of prayer in our city and different churches are trained for the work. However in the midst of all this preparation, God surely gives wonderful moments to remember. I was able to fly to Manila for a 2 week training for intercession and worship, it was a wonderful and heavenly experience. A man of God which is used in the area of business sponsored everything from accommodation to almost every expenses used on the training so I felt super blessed!

Here are the pictures taken during our flight to Manila.

We ‘re  all excited!

A glimpse of heaven. I was like a little child trying to capture everything.

Bus Ride going to NAIA… 🙂

NAIA  arrival.

Love it!

Cheryll 😀

Danger: Now Calling God

I realize it before but more clearly now that people believe in God once they’ve encountered the worst in life. My brother met an accident yesterday and was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. He really thought that he would die that instant, he suddenly called unto God for forgiveness of all his sins and asks for salvation. Sometimes humans want to live a life without limitations and convictions, we just want to be happy without anything to be concern about and because of that mindset, we chose not to believe in God.

Due to the stupidity of men we tend to deny the existence of a higher Being, we brush off the truth that men are weak and the reality that these weaknesses will one day cause our death. It is very confusing on how men want to believe the theory of evolution when in fact I find it very idiotic, it’s a faint attempt to explain the existence of things just to get out from the responsibility of living a blameless life, knowing that one day a God will judge us according to how we’ve live the life He has given.

I don’t know much but I know a little, with the truth that one day all flesh will come to an end. I would rather be living my life for something that will last for eternity rather pursuing things that will someday lead me to eternal damnation. How tragic it would be for people who didn’t believe that God exist and then finds out in the end that He actually did. This life is but for a moment, you’ll never know when it’s gonna end. Decide wisely because time is too short for delays and denials.



Have you ever experience that beautiful feeling every time the radio play your favorite song when you were still in high school? or you get to visit hometown after years of struggling on your own in a big and crazy city?  It’s the innocence you get to experience once again that brings back sweet and wonderful emotions from the past. I actually felt it while travelling back to the city after a visit on my hometown for several days. I don’t know what happened but I just sat there on the bus, reminiscing the moments that i had with my family in such a short period of time. With a sweet melody of my favorite classical music Canon in D played on my earphone, I smiled while the best memories of my childhood was coming back all over again.

I don’t have the best childhood you would wish to have, i wasn’t able to visit Disney land, I don’t have the best toys or visit the best places on earth nor eat the best food, however I do remember that while growing up I’ve spent my time in the most quietest and simplest place I could describe, surrounded by mountains and corn fields. I’ve heard the most beautiful song of a bird, I’ve felt the freshest air, I’ve flew the most gorgeous kite and seen the most beautiful sunset, well it may not be the best after all but for me it is beyond compare. I remember vividly how beautiful rain is in our place, I would run freely with my brothers all around the open field never minding the heavy out pour. On boring days I would find my self sitting on top of a very big rock just mindlessly staring the beautiful forest not so far away from our house and the vast corn field on its harvest season. After school I don’t go home immediately because I love to sit on top of an empty tanker of water while staring a quite town with people trying to get home after a tiring day. I love the dust swept by the wind, maybe some people don’t find that amusing but I do, I just loved it, it pictures serenity I couldn’t explain. I grew up to be a very sentimental person with lots of emotions and I don’t regret anything about my childhood. I cried reminiscing the past on how simple happiness was defined by a child me, on how happy i was the first time I’ve learned how to swim,  how to build my own little garden and the first time I have my own pet cat. It was by far the best feeling i had after a long time, I even prayed that God will store it in a bottle so I would be able to open it every time I fail to remember on how amazing life is.

Let me share to you some pictures of Bukidnon.