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Dinner with friends at Gerry’s Grill

I was upset the other day because some members of my team didn’t showed up for our practice. I am not the best person in our set but I try to be excellent in every way because what I’m doing is not for men but for God, that’s why I’m a little frustrated about the whole situation. Food eases out every negative emotions in me so I wanted to vent out everything in a bowl of rice! Well after the practice, the other worship leaders wanted to go out and drink coffee, i love that idea but the sad thing is I have this discipline that everytime I lead the worship the next day, I don’t drink coffee or anything that will dry up my throat. After a little discussion we’ve decided to eat rice instead, so we all went to Rosario Arcade. It’s a place where restaurants, cafe and bars are located.

We all agreed to eat at Gerry’s Grill, they serve Filipino dishes and grilled meat. I love Sinigang pork a lot so obviously we ordered it along with Chicken lollipops and a lot of rice. Their Sinigang pork is not that good because the pork is not too tender in my opinion but Chicken lollipop is simply the best! It was an amazing night because I was able to relax and chitchat with my friends. The pictures that you’ll see below are taken from my crappy camera, so forgive me.

Yum! Sinigang pork and chicken lollipop with rice!

My Hot Calamansi Juice since I’m not allowed to drink anything cold! boohoo 😦

My friends…:)

and ME ^___^

Cheryll ❤

The sorrows of Clementine’s Father

I used to hear Huckleberry Hound sing this song with his southern drawl and just loving it without actually knowing who Clementine was. I was able to listened to this song again with a different rendition and was stunned by the realization of its content. It’s a nursery rhyme so I was assuming that its lyrics would be shallow, fit for a kid. However after listening and learning the song I realized that it conveys a very sad story.

Clementine’s lover boar the ordeal of watching her drowned and can’t do anything because he can’t swim. It was as if he was crying while watching her trying to escape death but doing nothing because he don’t want to die either. That’s ridiculous and selfish in my opinion. He missed her hugs and kisses, so he comfort himself with Clementine’s little sister. I don’t like that part at all. Call me anything but I cried after hearing about her father’s sorrow. Her father was a miner and after learning about her daughter’s death, he fell into a deep sorrow that leads him to kill himself and join his daughter’s grave.

Anyway here’s a stunning rendition of the song by Sweptaway.

Cheryll ❤

Hills of Allegria

Boring days makes me think of swimming a lot. The life of a stay at home employee without anything to do, but stare on her computer screen for almost an hour without achieving anything, it’s too deadening to handle. Sometimes I think about cooking just to fill in the boredom but cooking requires me to go to my little dirty kitchen which by just looking at it makes me feel guilty for not cleaning or even washing my plates. On that state I was invited to visit a beautiful place in the Hills of Allegria, I wasn’t actually invited but because I’m one of the leaders in our church I was given the opportunity to work my way in. ^__^

I was very excited because from what I’ve heard, Allegria Hills has the most gorgeous swimming pool in the city and I wanted to swim so bad. I hitch a ride with my Pastor and while travelling I was singing songs too loudly just to make myself occupied in a steaming hot weather. However the moment that we were able to got out from the city the weather is much friendlier and I became sober.

Upon arrival I was in awe with the whole place. It is situated overlooking the whole city with an eternity pool in it and I drooled.

The water was so good!

Little me, trying to build relationship with these purple babies.

Teheee ^__^

Cheryll  ❤


Have you ever experience that beautiful feeling every time the radio play your favorite song when you were still in high school? or you get to visit hometown after years of struggling on your own in a big and crazy city?  It’s the innocence you get to experience once again that brings back sweet and wonderful emotions from the past. I actually felt it while travelling back to the city after a visit on my hometown for several days. I don’t know what happened but I just sat there on the bus, reminiscing the moments that i had with my family in such a short period of time. With a sweet melody of my favorite classical music Canon in D played on my earphone, I smiled while the best memories of my childhood was coming back all over again.

I don’t have the best childhood you would wish to have, i wasn’t able to visit Disney land, I don’t have the best toys or visit the best places on earth nor eat the best food, however I do remember that while growing up I’ve spent my time in the most quietest and simplest place I could describe, surrounded by mountains and corn fields. I’ve heard the most beautiful song of a bird, I’ve felt the freshest air, I’ve flew the most gorgeous kite and seen the most beautiful sunset, well it may not be the best after all but for me it is beyond compare. I remember vividly how beautiful rain is in our place, I would run freely with my brothers all around the open field never minding the heavy out pour. On boring days I would find my self sitting on top of a very big rock just mindlessly staring the beautiful forest not so far away from our house and the vast corn field on its harvest season. After school I don’t go home immediately because I love to sit on top of an empty tanker of water while staring a quite town with people trying to get home after a tiring day. I love the dust swept by the wind, maybe some people don’t find that amusing but I do, I just loved it, it pictures serenity I couldn’t explain. I grew up to be a very sentimental person with lots of emotions and I don’t regret anything about my childhood. I cried reminiscing the past on how simple happiness was defined by a child me, on how happy i was the first time I’ve learned how to swim,  how to build my own little garden and the first time I have my own pet cat. It was by far the best feeling i had after a long time, I even prayed that God will store it in a bottle so I would be able to open it every time I fail to remember on how amazing life is.

Let me share to you some pictures of Bukidnon.