The Reader

I started reading ‘The Reader’ tonight and I challenged myself to finish it before morning. I was very upset at dinner that I wanted to go out and just read somewhere quiet. So I got on a jeep and went to Divisoria’s McDonald and ordered chicken fritter, and thank God that I was able to find a single seat table with a view outside and read on. I was on the mid part of the book when I started to realize that the place is full-packed, I was so lost with my book that I didn’t noticed people are coming in and a waiter told me that he will now clean my table since my food was all consumed. I then felt that I should now go out since I don’t have money to buy more food and there were a lot of people waiting for a table to be vacated.  So I went out and decided to just purchase an icecream on 7/11 and finish my book there, but I was no longer upset and I just want to finish the book in the comfort of my apartment’s bed. I decided to walk to 7/11 and purchase something sweet and go home. I don’t have a single idea what time is it already, since people are still strolling around Divisoria, I was happy to find a wall clock on 7/11 though and it’s still 11pm. I hurry and bought a chocolate then walk straight to the jeepney stop. No jeep anymore but a motorela was there, so I went home and I was walking towards my apartment’s compound when I felt a hint of a childish joy, an old self, just looking on an old self, I don’t know how to explain it, I just knew that I was happy to be myself again, that melancholic child I once were. I felt like I was way too happy that I forgot about that sad child I was very familiar with, it’s not like I like being sad but that feeling you get when you see an old friend, the warmth of it, the comfort of a childhood that you once were so accustomed to. That old friend doesn’t have to be the sweetest memory, but it’s a connection to your past that you know whatever happens to you in the future, it will never be taken away from  you, it will always be with you wherever life may take you. People need to be alone sometimes, we need to shut the noise around us and just be with our own. That way you release the toxic thoughts, you release all the connection with the outside world, you just be curled up and get drowned with who you are and who you were.

Anyway back to the book, I am halfway through and it’s very interesting, It has some erotic scenes but I don’t read it thoroughly, I don’t like those part but I guess it’s an essential ingredient in order to present its premise. I am about to find out more about Hannah in this part 2 of the book and I’m still on with the challenge to finish it before morning so yes, bye for now!

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The sorrows of Clementine’s Father

I used to hear Huckleberry Hound sing this song with his southern drawl and just loving it without actually knowing who Clementine was. I was able to listened to this song again with a different rendition and was stunned by the realization of its content. It’s a nursery rhyme so I was assuming that its lyrics would be shallow, fit for a kid. However after listening and learning the song I realized that it conveys a very sad story.

Clementine’s lover boar the ordeal of watching her drowned and can’t do anything because he can’t swim. It was as if he was crying while watching her trying to escape death but doing nothing because he don’t want to die either. That’s ridiculous and selfish in my opinion. He missed her hugs and kisses, so he comfort himself with Clementine’s little sister. I don’t like that part at all. Call me anything but I cried after hearing about her father’s sorrow. Her father was a miner and after learning about her daughter’s death, he fell into a deep sorrow that leads him to kill himself and join his daughter’s grave.

Anyway here’s a stunning rendition of the song by Sweptaway.

Cheryll ❤