Danger: Now Calling God

I realize it before but more clearly now that people believe in God once they’ve encountered the worst in life. My brother met an accident yesterday and was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. He really thought that he would die that instant, he suddenly called unto God for forgiveness of all his sins and asks for salvation. Sometimes humans want to live a life without limitations and convictions, we just want to be happy without anything to be concern about and because of that mindset, we chose not to believe in God.

Due to the stupidity of men we tend to deny the existence of a higher Being, we brush off the truth that men are weak and the reality that these weaknesses will one day cause our death. It is very confusing on how men want to believe the theory of evolution when in fact I find it very idiotic, it’s a faint attempt to explain the existence of things just to get out from the responsibility of living a blameless life, knowing that one day a God will judge us according to how we’ve live the life He has given.

I don’t know much but I know a little, with the truth that one day all flesh will come to an end. I would rather be living my life for something that will last for eternity rather pursuing things that will someday lead me to eternal damnation. How tragic it would be for people who didn’t believe that God exist and then finds out in the end that He actually did. This life is but for a moment, you’ll never know when it’s gonna end. Decide wisely because time is too short for delays and denials.