A day at the beach

I was so tired from all the church activities plus work the whole week. I thought that it’s gonna be a never ending cycle of things and to be honest I got stressed out.  It was physically draining but it edifies my spirit. Yes I am tired physically, very tired actually but inside of me there is a sense of fulfillment because I know I’m doing my purpose and that’s all that matters.

After having our prayer watch this morning, I was on the back of my Pastor’s car and was reminded of the beach. While too sleepy to even converse with my friends, I blurt out ‘ I would love to visit the beach!’, anyway we’re all so tired and sleepy already so that’s quite impossible. After sleeping for a couple  of hours I was then informed that we’re going to spend the whole day at the beach and it was so exhilarating. It was an unplanned get away. The Lord surely gives rest to His servants.

twas’ a wonderful day!  ^___^

much love,

Cheryll ❤

Hills of Allegria

Boring days makes me think of swimming a lot. The life of a stay at home employee without anything to do, but stare on her computer screen for almost an hour without achieving anything, it’s too deadening to handle. Sometimes I think about cooking just to fill in the boredom but cooking requires me to go to my little dirty kitchen which by just looking at it makes me feel guilty for not cleaning or even washing my plates. On that state I was invited to visit a beautiful place in the Hills of Allegria, I wasn’t actually invited but because I’m one of the leaders in our church I was given the opportunity to work my way in. ^__^

I was very excited because from what I’ve heard, Allegria Hills has the most gorgeous swimming pool in the city and I wanted to swim so bad. I hitch a ride with my Pastor and while travelling I was singing songs too loudly just to make myself occupied in a steaming hot weather. However the moment that we were able to got out from the city the weather is much friendlier and I became sober.

Upon arrival I was in awe with the whole place. It is situated overlooking the whole city with an eternity pool in it and I drooled.

The water was so good!

Little me, trying to build relationship with these purple babies.

Teheee ^__^

Cheryll  ❤