Archive | October 2019


Motherhood has taught me to not seek recognition or commendation when I give my all, you just give without thinking that you’ll get something in return. It taught me what real love is, what selfless love is. This is how the Lord saves me from growing cold, from straying away from Him.

“Gusto ko nag close ta, gusto ko mag linkod ka tupad Nako”

When I was so passionate in my ministry or being recognized by being one, my heart is slowly growing cold, it is slowly growing out of love because when you get to taste praise, you wanted more, you ask for more, and it slowly getting a part of my heart that is reserved for only the Lord. He once again saved me, He saved me every time.

Years have passed by, I committed a lot of mistakes, sin, things that I should do and things that I shouldn’t do, but the Lord never left me, throughout those years, that I was struggling, that I was doing all those things that I know He won’t be proud of. He never left me. When I asked Him to be with me, to walk me down the aisle, He did. He filled my wedding with so much of His presence. He never left me, He values me the same. I am written in the palms of His hands.

Motherhood is not a setback, I sometimes cry because I’m thinking that I’m missing a lot in ministry, or I should be the one doing that, but the Lord has given me a new level of softening my heart, of humbling me, of enlightening me, of making me closer to Him, of fulfilling my purpose and that is to love Him and only Him. Not my name, not my recognition, not the pat in my back by people. But the sweetness of His voice someday pag abot Niya and He will call my name to come to Him. And finally, get to feel His embrace, to hear His voice.